A Progressive Blog: Bouquets

You’ve probably heard of a progressive dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different host (thank you Wikipeadia for the formal definition). Well, this is somewhat similar in that beautifully hand-crafted floral bouquets are prepared by various hosts/designers and you must travel from blog to blog to enjoy them!

I designed this spring bouquet this past weekend. The flowers include Azafran roses, Medeo sweetheart roses, white lilac, peach parrot tulips, peach salmon ranunculus, hypericum berries and camelia leaves.  I learned about the ribbon treatment of laying various colors and lengths from designer, Ariella Chezar when she designed for us at this year’s Chapel Designer Conference.

Peach-bouquet-Collage Photography Credit – Birds of a Feather

Here is a bouquet I made using shades of yellow and green.  Green Viburnum, yellow freesia, yellow tulips, yellow stock, cream sweet peas and camilia leaves.  Again the ribbon treatment includes vintage French striped satin ribbon in the Ariella Chezar style.

yellow bouquet Collage Photography Credit – Birds of a Feather

You may recall this bouquet from my initial blog post last week.  I am so proud of this bouquet and how it turned it out.  This was challenging for me as I was using flowers I had never worked with before along with the square Oasis bouquet holder.  The entire back of the bouquet holder was covered with moss.  The flowers used included queen anne’s lace, super green roses, seeded eucalyptus, ivy, sweet peas, muscari, viburnum and clematis.

VG bouquet Collage Photography Credit – Vicki Grafton

Now that you’ve enjoyed your first course at Alicia Jayne Florals please progress on to my flower “buds” and enjoy their bouquets!

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The Chapel Designers also created a progressive blog post last May in which we used compotes as the design vessel. I did not have a blog at the time but several of my designer friends shared their creations.  The progression can start anywhere. I’d like you to start with my friends Peggy and Carol of Celebration Florals in Oregon and go from there! You can check out last year’s progressive compote blog here.


“Back to Manhattan”


Photography Credit – Detroit Photographic Co.

Norah Jones may have said it in a song but I say it every March when I go “Back to Manhattan”, the city that never sleeps.  Manhattan is one of the few cities in the world that I will always go back to time and time again and never tire of it.  I spent a few years living in Manhattan after college pursuing a career in finance and fulfilling my dream of living and working in the greatest city in the world.  Who would have thought I would return every spring with a new group of friends pursuing a career in floral design? The days of 52nd Street and Park Avenue are long gone and now I spend my time meandering around the 28th Street Floral Market and the ribbon and trim shops of 6th Avenue and the Fashion District.

The inaugural trip of the “Chapel Designers” started in 2011 and brought together a small group of less than 20 floral designers from across the US.  In 3 short years the group has grown to more than 80 designers from around the world to include Australia, Mexico, Russia and the Virgin Islands.  AMAZING!   It all started with a simple “tweet” from Holly Chapple asking “who wants to meet me in NYC?”  I threw caution to the wind and decided to join her.  Having lived in Manhattan I felt pretty secure in my decision to go and knew I would have no problems navigating the city, but who were these people I would be meeting up with?  I had followed Holly’s blog for about a year and you would have thought I knew her intimately.  Sure, I’ll hop a Chinatown bus to NYC and spend a few days in the Floral Markets with you and 15 other random people I’ve never met!  Who does this?  I DID!  One of the best decisions I ever made!  This group has connected some of the most talented designers who are all striving to elevate the standards across the floral design industry.

Next week I’ll take you on a flashback of our 3 day conference in NYC. There will be beautiful flowers from Florabundance, Fleura-Metz and Harvest, industry leaders from Style Me Pretty and Martha Stewart, and the mega-talented designers Holly Chapple, David Beahm and Karen Tran.  I will also share my shopping fun at the ribbon and trim shops.

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come!




NYC - web sized-003
Photography Credit – Vicky Grafton Photography

Thanks for stopping by to check out the “Darling Details” of Alicia Jayne Florals.  I’m jumping in to this blogging world in hopes to share a little bit of what it’s like in the wedding and event floral world according to Alicia Jayne Florals.  Here are some fun things you can expect to see on the blog:

Beautiful Creations - images from “Real” weddings through my lens and the lens of some very talented photographers that I know

Behind The Scenes – the down and dirty and not so easy side of floral design work, prepping flowers, delivery, set-up, striking an event

Styled Shoots – who doesn’t love to play dress up? creativity abounds on photoshoots where photographers, stylists, make-up artists and floral designers collaborate to turn out beautiful inspirational images.

Tips and Trends – ideas that may help you in selecting floral design elements for your wedding or event along with trends and changes that affect the industry

Personal - “it’s not personal, it’s business” well, not all the time… Blogs are informal and meant to be a commentary or a diary of sorts. I want you to get to know Alicia Jayne Florals and part of that is getting to know me!  I promise not to bore you with too much about my life. It’s really not that exciting.

My “Buds & Blossoms” – these are my flower buds, my friends, my mentors, my colleagues, my cheerleaders and I want to share some of the amazing work that they are doing around the country and around the world

I hope you will stop by often to see what I’m working on.  Whether it’s a real wedding, a beautiful arrangement for fun or bragging about one of my flower buds…. I promise it will be pretty!


p.s. Enchante is French for enchanted, delighted and pleased to meet you!