I’ve been WaterLogued!

Thanks to some flower friends on Facebook and Instagram I am now officially “WaterLogued” and have lost countless hours of my life to this new found App on my iPhone.  This is one of the coolest things I have found since the Paper 53 App!  (More on that next week).

The WaterLogue App allows you to upload an image and transform it into a watercolor snapshot. The results are really beautiful.  The more contrast in colors and the more detailed the image the better it turns out in watercolor. There are 12 variations to choose from when transforming your image along with 4 different sizes, borders, and modifying the light. Once the watercolor interpretation is produced you can save it to your photos, share it on Social Media or send it in an email.  Another fun option is to create a postcard and mail it to someone directly from the app.  First you will need to create a “Sincerely Account” which allows you to send a “Postagram” of your “WaterLogue” image.  (I just re-read that sentence and realized how hip and techie I sound)  How cool to send postcards directly from your phone!  Imagine being on vacation and taking a great photo of yourself or a scenic view and then instantly turning it into a custom watercolor postcard that gets mailed to your friends and family.

I’ve had a lot of fun (and wasted a lot time) on the WaterLogue App this week transforming some of my floral designs into watercolor images.

WaterLogue Collage I WaterLogue Collage II

WaterLogue can be purchased in the App Store for $2.99. Sorry Android users, it doesn’t appear this watercolor fun is available to you just yet. :(


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