Spring Flower Fling – Roanoke, VA

This post is coming a week late as I spent several days last week rescuing the blog. I know just enough about blogging and web design to be dangerous and that includes clicking on updates for things when I don’t really know that they are necessary.  Is the update compatible with my plugins and my widgets?… Can you not see anything in your dashboard?… um, what? This is pretty much what I looked liked like last week…


One wrong click and the entire back end of my blog went BYE BYE! Talk about panic!!! Thankfully there are some great technical folks over at GoDaddy.com and they were able to restore it for me in record time. That’s the last time I click on anything!

On to flowers…..

I spent Easter weekend in my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia and I hosted a lovely afternoon with some friends and family showing them how to make a spring centerpiece for their holiday tables. We had beautiful spring flowers in shades of yellow, organge and peach and the weather was just perfect for the outdoor event.  The clubhouse in my mom’s neighborhood has the perfect back deck for hosting an event like this. There was plenty of space for everyone to spread out and make a mess!


There were plenty of little goodies for everyone to snack on including my favorite “peek-a-boo” pound cake. This one had a multi-colored butterfly inside.  We had cheese slaw, chocolate covered strawberries colored orange like carrots, homemade chicken salad and more.


_MG_5021The ladies are hard at work on their centerpieces.

_MG_5027Lindsay graduates from dental school next month and she’s thinking working on teeth is much easier than artfully arranging flowers… I would disagree!

_MG_5023I had some wonderful friends from the church were I grew up who attended the workshop. They really had a great time.  I think they’ve all decided to take turns doing the weekly church flowers!

photo 1

_MG_5025The flowers included daffodils, peach and yellow finesse roses, peach hypericum berries, sterling range, peach and yellow parrot tulips and spray roses.

photo 4Courtney and Billie Sue working their magic for their Easter centerpieces.

_MG_5028My mom and sister-in-law were hard at work using some of the skills they learned at last year’s Pretty Pumpkin event in Maryland!
_MG_5024Kelly found some pretty white lilac to incorporate in her centerpiece. I think she was sad we weren’t make bows like we did at the Christmas Wreath event in Richmond!

Wanda's Toms CollageWanda was sporting her floral Toms shoes for the event. How fun are they? So appropriate for the workshop!!
_MG_5032Here is Wanda with her friend Anne. These ladies did a wonderful job with their centerpieces!

_MG_5033Barbara brought her sister-in-law along who was visiting Roanoke for Easter weekend. I love how different everyone’s arrangements turned out.

IMG_5036My mom and sister-in-law Margaret showing off their beautiful designs. These two are getting quite good at this!

_MG_5010What party is complete without a little favor? Each attendee took home a little gift of some gardening gloves and a packet of zinnias. I hope they all find their way outside this spring to plant some flowers in their own yards!

IMG_5034What a beautiful group of ladies and centerpieces!  Thank you all for joining me over the holiday weekend and I hope you and your families enjoyed the flowers. I love sharing my passion for flowers with other people.  I hope to do another workshop in Roanoke again soon for those that couldn’t make it last weekend.  A special thank you to my mom for helping me cook and prep everything for the event. Could not have done it without you!


One thought on “Spring Flower Fling – Roanoke, VA

  1. Wow…what a fun time…..more memories for the book!
    You are so gifted….bringing joy to many lives…
    May your life always be as beautiful as the flowers your hands arrange….
    God bless you and yours
    Mom loves you

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