Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice doesn’t always make perfect but it sure does help improve your end game.  I am no stranger to practice. I grew up participating in activities like dance and cheerleading and basketball (short lived but I tried).  Along with the fun of a recital or performance or a sporting event to cheer for, came the countless hours of practice. Several hours a week were spent rehearsing and learning new techniques which ultimately made me and my ensemble and squad better performers.

I take the same approach with my floral designs. I continually practice making new designs with bouquets, centerpieces and little details like corsages.  I source new flowers that I have never worked with to see how they hold up and how their color blends with others. I manipulate leaves by wrapping them and looping them to create new shapes and dimension in an arrangement.  It’s necessary to push the boundaries and explore new concepts or your work becomes stale and dated and you are not growing as a designer.  If you consider floral design an art then  you understand that art is always changing, it is never done, it is never complete and can always be refined.  The materials used to create a balanced floral composition are always changing. When working with a natural product like flowers you learn to be flexible. The color of that rose may not be exactly as it was the last time you worked with it or the shape of the stock may not be as full as the last bunch.  Sometimes you have to let the flower direct the line and shape of the design.

Here are a few designs I made recently using new flowers and greenery I have never worked with before.

spring bouquet, hellebores, quicksand rose, pieris, midori ribbon, lavender bouquet

Image Courtesy of  Vicki Grafton Photography

pink and yellow bouquet, fever few, peonies, midori ribbon, yellow fressia,

flower ring
raspberry bouquet, agonis, pink roses, pink snapdragons, dusty millerImage Courtesy of Birds Of A Feather Photography

raspberry centerpiece, pink roses, pink and black flowers, palm leaves, red ti leaves Image Courtesy of Birds Of A Feather Photography

“To practice any art is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”
- Kurt Vonnegut


One thought on “Practice, Practice, Practice

  1. What a great philosophy! I try to use a new flower in my designs whenever I can! I love the first image, with that dusty pink combined with purple!

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