Pretty Pumpkins 2.0 (Halloween Theme)

I know it’s hard to start thinking about fall and pumpkins when it feels like 100 degrees outside.  ‘Excuse me Mother Nature, summer takes place in June, July and August… you had your chance, now move along until next year.’  It’s time for pumpkin spiced this and that, college football and cool autumn weather!

Last fall we had such a great time at the Pretty Pumpkins event that I have decided to host Pretty Pumpkins 2.0 (Halloween Theme). I am moving it up a month this year in hopes to have slightly warmer weather and put a Halloween spin on the design.  I have also decided to include the kids in this event and will have a child appropriate design for them to make and take home.  This year’s event is being held in my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia at the clubhouse at The Village at Tinker Creek. This is the same location of my Spring Flower Fling back in April.  If you missed the spring event and would like to try your hand at Pretty Pumpkins I would love to have you!  Here is the link to last year’s event at Mount Republican in Maryland.

Pretty Pumpkins, halloween florals, All fresh flowers, pumpkins and materials will be provided and the arrangements are yours to take home at the end of the event.  There will also be some light refreshments provided. Space will be limited so be sure to sign up soon!  There is a link to Paypal in the upper left-hand side of the blog under my profile picture.

Hope to see you there!


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