2014 Year In Review!

As we count down the last few hours left in 2014 I can’t help but reflect on all the wonderful events I had to privilege to be a part of this year. 2014 was full of beautiful and memorable weddings and special events and I am happy to share that I doubled my business from 2013!  I could not be more thrilled!!!  This year’s weddings took me from my home town of Roanoke, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland and many places in between throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. I delivered flowers to several new venues this year and I worked with several new industry friends who helped pull off some amazing weddings.  Here are a few snapshots of some of the venues we had the pleasure of working in this year.

Hotel Roanoke, Four Seasons Baltimore, Women In the Arts Museum, Belle Grove Plantation, Woodlawn Bed & Breakfast, Olde Bretton Inn, Historic St. Mary's City, River Farm Alexandria, Sotterley Plantation, wedding flowers

I love to look back through images of my designs at the end of the year and see how my style has evolved and how I’m growing and improving my design skills. Year after year I see a difference in the quality and level of designs I am producing and that makes me proud. The time and money I am investing in the development of my skills and my business are paying off.  The conferences and workshops I attend not only feed my soul with the great relationships that I’ve made but the advice, techniques and mechanics I learn are crucial to my growth.  Here is a look at some of the bouquets my brides carried this year.

bridal bouquets, wedding flowers, southern Maryland weddings, southern maryland florist, washington dc florist

Centerpieces and ceremony decor went to a new level this year as well. Everything from gold candelabras to custom made wood planter boxes to pipe and drape poles covered in greens to gilded basketballs and whelk shells filled with flowers.  The creativity was flowing in 2014 and I am so thankful my clients were willing to let me think and create outside the box. Here are a few images of the designs I created for ceremonies and receptions this year.

blush wedding, lime green and blue wedding, christmas wedding, pink weddingOver the past few years I have had the opportunity to connect and work with some incredibly talented photographers.  They work very hard to capture every element of a wedding for their clients as well as the details that florists, planners, bakers and caterers put so much work in to for the client.  Their willingness to share the images with me for use on this blog and my website and the laborious efforts they put forth to get images ready for publication is always appreciated.  I am very grateful to all the photographers I worked with this year and for the beautiful images they captured. Here are a few of my favorites shots of the little people that help make weddings even more precious.

children at weddings,

Along with the adorable children at weddings come the other special guests of the day… Mothers and Fathers.  They button up the dress, they hook the necklace, they wipe a tear and they escort their daughters down the aisle.  Weddings are an emotional day for brides and grooms but they are also emotional for the parents.  This year two of my brides were family friends and I know their parents well. It was extra special to be a part of their daughters’ weddings and watch them share in the happiness of the day.  Here are some of my favorite moments of my brides with their mothers and fathers.

mother of the bride, father of the bride

And none of this would be possible without my brides and grooms. THANK YOU!  You trusted me to be a part of one of the most special events in your life and I am truly honored. It was a pleasure to work with each and every one of you and I hope you have many wonderful memories of your wedding day.  May 2015 bring you much love and good health and may you have many years of happiness together!

wedding flowers, brides & grooms,  washington dc florist, southern maryland weddings, northern virginia florist

Last but not least … thank you to my family, friends and colleagues who have supported me this past year.

To my flower family of Chapel Designers…. you are a constant inspiration and source of strength, education and HUMOR! Thank you!

To my industry friends/vendors… your referrals of business and professionalism in working together is exceptional and I wish you continued success in 2015! Thank you!

To my family and friends… you listen to me drone on about flowers and the perfect shade of blush and mercury glass containers… you get excited with me when I book a new client… you help me deliver and set up weddings when needed…you drive out of town to help me… you stay up into the wee hours of the night if I need to finish designing… you bring me food to keep me going… you wear my silly AJF shirts even when they don’t fit… you let me come crash at your houses while I wait to strike a wedding…you lift and carry heavy things and climb ladders when I am afraid to… you clean wax out of candle holders… you hide in electrical closets with me during ceremonies… you refer business to me from your friends and contacts… you love me, encourage me and want to help me in any way possible and for that … Thank you!

Family Collage

All professional images are courtesy of the following photographers:
Amanda Adams Photography
Asico Photo
Birds Of A Feather Photography
Brandon S. Warren Photography
Chelsa Yoder Photography
Genevieve Leiper Photography
Jodi Miller Photography
Photo Lady Love Photography
Robin Owen Photography
Sandi Foraci Photography
Stacey Windsor Photography

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  1. It has been an absolute honor to get to work with you this year! I have always been blown away by the quality of your work and getting to see it in person has been such a treat. I’m really looking forward to 2015 and I hope we get to work again throughout the New Year.

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