A very special Father’s Day

My apologies for the lapse in blog posts these past two weeks. Things have been kind of hectic in the flower world these days.  We are fielding inquiries left and right for last minute weddings as well as weddings into March and May of 2014!  Bring it on!

We had a big wedding this past weekend that has been in the planning since last summer.  The flowers were beautiful and everything went so well. I will be sure to share lots of images of all the flowers and the wedding but today I want to share a little bit about the couple and more specifically the bride and her beautiful story.

Jewel and Ben were referred to me by my good friend Lisa from Petals and Promises last summer. I loved them from the first time I met with them and I was so very excited to provide flowers for their wedding.  Jewel is super organized and knew exactly what she wanted.  I followed her Pinterest page to keep up with ideas she found online for color and style. I suggested we regroup in February 2013 to make sure colors and designs hadn’t changed and from there we could get into the details for bouquets and centerpieces.  During one of our email exchanges I happened to see a link to a blog under Jewel’s signature, “Love In The Time of Transplant”.   Out of curiosity and wanting to get to know more about my bride I decided to click the link.  Much to my surprise it was a story about Jewel’s decade long struggle with kidney disease and the reality that she would soon need a kidney transplant.  I tearfully read all of her posts right then and there.  How is this seemingly healthy young woman battling such a taxing disease? Her strength and faith are so admirable.

Jewel’s story took a positive turn in May 2013 when her father turned out to be a perfect match for a kidney transplant. The surgery was a success for both Jewel and her father and four weeks later he walked her down the aisle to marry her best friend Ben. Here is an image from their engagement shoot with the talented Vicki Grafton. You can check out more of the beautiful images here.


Photography Credit:  Vicki Grafton Photography

ABC News did a feature this week on Jewel’s story about fighting kidney disease and the importance of organ donation.  One of my favorite quote’s from the interview is “he saved my life, 100%. I think it’s just amazing that he gave me life and then it was also his kidney that’s the reason I’m actually sitting here today”.  Please check out the video by clicking the image below and learn more about Jewel’s story on her blog!

ABC News image

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