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This past Sunday I took a road trip to Philadelphia for a workshop with Jennie Love from Love’N Fresh Flowers.  Several Chapel Designers joined me at the workshop which made it even more fun!  There were five of us that met up for brunch at this yummy little spot called Winnie’s Le Bus in the Manayunk neighborhood just 15 minutes from the city center of Philadelphia.  After brunch we browsed a few local shops before heading up to the farm.  Our GPS devices showed the farm just a few miles away from where we had brunch. We were in a very urban part of the city at this point.  Where was there room for a flower farm?  Sure enough, we drove down some back streets  along the Schuylkill River and we wound up in this little green oasis in the Roxborough area.  Jennie’s farm is tucked in back of a beautiful old stone house that was built during the period when they used Wissahickon Schist. This is a building stone used primarily as a decorative stone rather than a weight bearing stone. The homes in this area were beautiful and had such character.  Jennie has a fairly good size plot of land where she grows a variety of perennials and annuals.  It was incredibly HOT on Sunday but everything was in bloom and it was beautiful.  Rows and rows of color and texture!  Jennie had already been hard at work that morning harvesting fresh blooms for us to use in our “Wildflower” workshop.

_MG_2891Snapdragons, statice, scabiosa, feverfew, baptisia, dianthus, queen anne’s lace, sunflowers, and more!

012005Photgraphy Credit:  Emily Wren

Jennie was also hard at work prepping some wonderful little nibbles for us to enjoy during our workshop.



Photgraphy Credit:   Emily Wren

Jennie gathered some flowers for her demonstration on making a wildflower arrangement. Her stem count on her bouquets is insane but when you see the end result you know why and it looks stunning!


After the demonstration we headed out into the field to see all the flowers up close and learn about the varieties Jenny grows.  That’s Jennie with the watermelon cooler in her hand and my friend Sue Prutting taking notes in her white hat!

052Photography Credit: Emily Wren


The sun was intense so a lot of us wore hats out in the field.


The burgundy scabiosa was amazing!


Fuschia dianthus

_MG_2902Check out these snapdragons!  Why do mine never look like this when I plant them in window boxes…?



Photography Credit:  Emily Wren
This was my 1st attempt at the wildflower look using a rustic metal vessel. I really like this grouping of flowers with the purple and burgundy scabiosa, dianthus, snapdragons, lemon balm and baptisia. This arrangement is on display in my office right now and still looks beautiful 4 days later!


Photography Credit:  Emily Wren 

This was my 2nd attempt using different flowers and a milk glass vase I brought from home. The flowers I selected were a bit more whispy and loose giving it a wilder and messier look.  I wasn’t loving this one but it was fun to make!

Alicia Hat

Thank you for having us to your farm Jennie.  It was a great experience and I really enjoyed learning about your style and technique. You put a lot of hard work into growing your flowers and it shows.  Much continued success with your farm and your business!

Special thanks as well to photographer Emily Wren who captured the days activities on camera.  Her professional images above are clear and crisp.  I take full credit for the blurred and slightly out of focus ones.  Clearly I should stick to flowers! Thank you Emily!

“All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds we sow today” – Unknown


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